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Student Learner Outcomes

Upon graduation, all CCHS scholars will: 

Utilize interdisciplinary academic skills with a focus on authentic application in a variety of ways

  • Financial literacy through mathematical application.
  • Find the main idea in reading a variety of texts in different subject areas. 
  • Effectively communicate a claim with supporting evidence through various mediums in a variety of subject areas.
  • Recognize that nearly all career paths require ongoing application and further growth of interdisciplinary academic skills.

Act as a responsible citizen at school, in the workplace, and the community

  • Demonstrate personal responsibility every day through interactions with others. 
  • Be a positive influence at school, in the workplace, and in the community .
  • Be Respectful, Responsible, and Ready.
  • Demonstrate study skills and habits of: consistent attendance, reliability, self-discipline and effective time management.

Develop effective communication skills 

  • Communicate thoughts, ideas, and action plans with clarity
  • Be active listeners
  • Consider the audience and context before communicating 
  • Advocate for their needs for a variety of situations

Adopt a growth mindset to embrace lifelong learning and persist in the face of challenges 

  • Take responsibility for one’s own academic success; this includes setting personal goals, improving attendance, study habits, reliability, self-discipline and building time management skills. 
  • Reflect on classroom behaviors and thought patterns and adapt them to reach a higher potential
  • Demonstrate the ability to work through “failures,” both in the classroom and the greater community, recognizing them as opportunities for growth
  • Explore college and career opportunities