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STEM Physical Science (Min. 5 credits Max. 10 credits)
This course fuses mathematical skill-building and computational thinking applied to real-world scientific problems where solutions are constructed by students and instructors working together. This course includes 80% hands-on teacher supervised lab activities and 20% skill-building instructional time. The lab activities include explicit information on safety and regular warnings on the dangers of tool use and electric shock.
Sustainable Societies (Min. 5 credits Max. 10 credits)
Sustainable Societies is year-long science course that will meet the requirement for Area G (Elective). The course will offer an interdisciplinary perspective on the major environmental problems confronting society, but more importantly, explore solutions directed toward producing a more sustainable future. Throughout the course, human impacts on the environment, environmental impacts on human societies, and the sustainability of economies and practices at local, regional, and global scales will be investigated. An emphasis will be placed on project-based investigation and argumentation.