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COOP Work Experience (Min 5 credits Max. 40 credits)
This course is a joint effort between a local area educational agency and businesses of the surrounding community to provide paid on-the-job training. The on-the-job training and related instruction will be provided to meet the competencies performed by personnel in the workforce. This course receives variable credit based on attendance and assignments. 
Drawing And Painting 2 (Min. 5 credits Max. 10 credits)
This is a course for the serious (advanced) drawing and painting student who wishes to further develop his/her drawing and painting skills and style. Composition, design, and technical skills will be taught. The class will include intensive training in drawing with various materials, leading to individual work in painting (oils, pastel, acrylic and watercolor). Independent thinking and a personal style in artistic expression are encouraged on this advanced level. Art history, aesthetics, critiques, and portfolio development are included.
Financial Literacy (Min. 5 credits Max. 10 credits)
This course address high school algebra topics as they relate to: Banking, Investing, Credit, Employment and Income Taxes, Automobile Ownership, Independent Living, and Household Budgeting. Students will also use applications of technology (Docs, Sheets, etc) to present information and model mathematics. Students will construct, question, model, and interpret financial situations through symbolic algebraic representations, graphical representations, geometric representations, and verbal representations. Using this integrated computer instructional approach, provides students with a practical understanding of fundamental business and finance
issues while providing an engaging context to expand the foundational Algebra I concepts.
PE 3 Advanced PE (Min. 5 credits Max. 10 credits)
This course is designed to allow students to continue developing and advanced their individual skills through a variety of activities and team sports. Personal habits of Physical Fitness through daily class sessions incorporating weight training, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, aerobic activities, speed and agility, and individual and dual activities.
Sustainable Societies (Min. 5 credits Max. 10 credits)
Sustainable Societies is year-long science course that will meet the requirement for Area G (Elective). The course will offer an interdisciplinary perspective on the major environmental problems confronting society, but more importantly, explore solutions directed toward producing a more sustainable future. Throughout the course, human impacts on the environment, environmental impacts on human societies, and the sustainability of economies and practices at local, regional, and global scales will be investigated. An emphasis will be placed on project-based investigation and argumentation.
Tutorial Support (Min. 5 credits Max. 10 credits)
The tutorial support class is designed to support academic performance by assisting students in improving their academic skills, vocabulary discourse, self-advocacy skills, and organizational skills/strategic work habits. This course will support students as related to their specific learning needs including social-emotional skill development, college and career readiness and successful transitions to post-secondary employment