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Culinary Arts Academy

In the United States alone, the hospitality industry employs more than 1.5 million people full and part-time. The hospitality and tourism industry is the largest and fastest growing industry in the world. Culinary Arts is an ever-expanding and evolving food industry, full of excitement, action, and interesting people. This pathway is designed to give students a working knowledge of many different segments of the food-service industry. The emphasis is on a hands-on learning environment in a small class setting. Students learn basic knife skills, safety and sanitation, hygiene and basic equipment maintenance to achieve a basic proficiency in standard cooking techniques.  
Advanced students acquire more sophisticated skills as they explore the finer points of the culinary arts. The pathway is comprised of Culinary Fundamentals, Catering and Food Service, and Advanced Culinary Arts. The classes regularly make food for students and staff and catered events such as Thanksgiving and Open House for the school community.
Pictures below pay testament to the positivity and hard work of the students in the Culinary Arts Academy. 


Upper left: Students closely observe as a new recipe is tested. 
Upper right: Students prepare ingredients for their baking assignment. 
Bottom right: Our academies presented their work at the School Board meeting. A culinary student taught the board and a few brave volunteers how to make sushi! 
Bottom left: Students enjoyed a behind the scenes look at Revival Ice Cream in downtown Monterey.