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Financial Literacy (Min. 5 credits Max. 10 credits)
This course address high school algebra topics as they relate to: Banking, Investing, Credit, Employment and Income Taxes, Automobile Ownership, Independent Living, and Household Budgeting. Students will also use applications of technology (Docs, Sheets, etc) to present information and model mathematics. Students will construct, question, model, and interpret financial situations through symbolic algebraic representations, graphical representations, geometric representations, and verbal representations. Using this integrated computer instructional approach, provides students with a practical understanding of fundamental business and finance
issues while providing an engaging context to expand the foundational Algebra I concepts.
Integrated Math Course 3 (Min. 5 credits Max. 10 credits)
This course is the third of a Common Core State Standards Integrated and Investigative mathematics program designed to use patterns, modeling, and conjecture to build student understanding and competency in mathematics. Students will learn through collaboration, data gathering, experimentation, and conjectures, Technology will also play an important role in learning, to collect and model data, to make conjectures about the data and to develop a robust understanding of the Standards for Mathematical Practice.