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Public Safety Academy

The Public Safety Academy brings real-world experience into the classroom. Drawing upon criminology, corrections, sociology, psychology, and law, to speakers, tours, and experiences with working criminal justice professionals, our students learn theory and practice to prepare for careers in law enforcement, corrections, private security and loss prevention.
Students explore various careers in the field of law enforcement, including police (local, county, state, federal), probation, and forensics. Through hands-on learning and guided by the California Department of Justice Law Enforcement Academy Learning Domains Handbook, students are exposed to the variety of options within this pathway. Students begin with a general overview of the criminal justice system and criminal law. They learn about juvenile law and procedure, laws of arrest, search and seizure, controlled substances, forensic evidence, and other areas related to the criminal justice system and public safety.


Below, Mr. Cullen was discussing with his students the history and importance of Miranda rights. He actually had a student arrest him!